Okay, lets get down to business.

For the first part of the Graphic Design Practice 3 module, our work has to be centered around communicating a particular period or event within history. I decided upon investigating the Wall Street Crash of 1929, for a variety of reasons, including the fact that I didn’t have a great deal of prior knowledge on the subject, that I enjoyed the financial aspect to my Business Studies A Level, and thought it would also be interesting to be able to link the events of the 1929 crash with the current economic climate of 2008 to date.

Having completed a broad range of research, I have since found myself becoming more intrigued  with the emotions of the people of America, before during and the later repercussions after the crash had occurred. In particular, the human mind set and the way in which we are naturally programmed to respond towards certain situations seems to also have great significance upon the decisions taken and procedures adopted in times of confidence and times of stress.  The quote below also seems to conclude this query ;

“The financial memory only lasts about 30 years, before new bankers, brokers and analysts fall victim once again to fear and greed believing that they are the ones that have the power to change the future”

Ultimately the scope for the study of such emotions extends to a far wider basis than just the involved city workers, affecting the whole of America and other neighboring continents from shop workers through to farmers, large factors that all helped to play a part in the triggering of the Great Depression of the thirties.

In terms of exploring these thoughts visually; in the form of typographic posters for the first section, a series ranging from before through to during through to after the event could help to convey symbolically the situation and changing emotions of the time purely through the alteration of the composition and other style features of the type and little else. Or alternatively, four posters, one for each of the ‘Black’ days during the chaos of the crash, as the situation worsens.

Due to the factual prominence of the subject in hand, and linked to that the ranging emotions of the people who had to live through such a difficult period, I want my designs to be generated by hand, using natural materials that could be linked to the time rather than contemporary metals or plastics, and convey some form of craft and skill, slightly contrary to the ‘art’ of trading shares on the stock market that’s continuum is still greatly affected by luck/probability and mental control.

As a result I am considering using the technique of pyrography, or wood burning, to create my mark making upon my posters, etching into natural wood, a valuable resource then and now, and to also connote the strong level of combustibility that any economy has.

Have been planning and testing out certain ideas, but am aware of the short time frame in which to complete these posters, and am still a long way off in terms of refining my own skill with the wood burning technique!

Once I have word that the wood has been sourced, I can get my designs underway. Would like to know what you think of my plans so far, leave me your comments please!

Post again soon.