Wednesday 23rd September;

1st day back, had the first workshop session with Paul, working with illustrator and then after effects to animate text and lines into a composition. Managed to create a successful animation, although this required a detailed study of the help sheets and my own step by step note taking!  Found after effects challenging, to say the least, although I am beginning to grasp the stages in which you have to work through in order to get anything to move as you want it to.

Hopefully build upon this in the afternoon workshop session.

Have spent the last few days working on my idea development and text consideration for my typographic posters. Since I last posted my ideas about using pyrography, my wood has been sourced, so I should be able to start experimenting soon, although I think I now want to create two sets of posters, with one set being more technical and detailed, and effective visually as printed documents, with the wood set slightly less intricate, due to the time frame in which we have to complete them. This also means that I have a back up if the pyrography looks crap!

I began exploring the aspect of probability, to feed into the actual designs, limiting my own level of creative control and input, and achieving more visual spontaneity, linked to the traits of the stock market itself. Also intrigued about the idea of including abstract forms into the type design, in particular triangles, which can be linked to the up and down symbol seen for conveying the increase and decrease within a stocks share value, and when placed together can form diamond shapes to connote aspects of wealth and greed which is also a prominent factor to fuel the economy and subsequently cause ‘crashes’.

Anyway, lots of work to be done, will post after the workshop this evening!


Enjoyed the after effects evening workshop, and am now able to animate several layers with different motion paths on the same composition, including adding a 3d effect to enhance depth, although I am still getting used to working with the timing and transition of linked layers.

After Effects seems like a fairly straight forward approach towards animation, and I think the ability to transfer layers directly from a photoshop document into after effects could be effective in helping me to keep on top of the layers that I want to animate. In terms of the motion section of the GDP3 brief, and the possibility of using some form of stop motion, flash or imovie may be more suitable in order to help me arrange multiple photographs rather than work with drawn animation? Not sure yet.

Need to transfer my After Effects notes into my GDP3 book, or start a new mini moleskine for it to include?