Although I have been updating my week by week planning and overall reflection pages, a new post has been lacking for quite a few days, so lots to divulge…

After the whole ‘wood, no wood’ situation, the idea ended up going little further than some sampled experiments in my sketchbook [time, skill, it just wasn’t viable in the end]. Anyway, really pleased with the new direction, still incorporating the previous elements of tradition alongside contemporary, abstract shapes to symbolize the changing emotions during the crash as well as conveying the power yet combustibility that an economy can have over thousands of people, still heavily relying upon variables such as confidence and probability.

Even though parts of my designs make use of hand rendered techniques and materials, the majority of the composition so far has been created digitally. To push not only myself more creatively, testing my own capabilities of what I can achieve within a short space of time, as well as prove to others that I am able to be more risk taking, I came about the idea of having a 3D element to my posters, to allow dynamism to be seen, intrigue established and audience interaction achieved. Especially effective for the middle poster to represent the scene of chaos during the Wall Street Crash, I was drawn to the ideas of using origami or paper folding to create the impression of my typography exploding from the centre of the 2D surface. This proves contextually relevant as well as visually pleasing and tactile from the audience’s behalf in being able to engage by unfolding the sections of text and receiving communication at the same time.

Designing an origami design that fitted in with the proportions of my poster designs proved difficult but my experimentation has resolved initial problems, and am now excited to put this into practice by printing a mock up to A3 scale rather than working with A4 designs. The type of paper used; hopefully a heavy weight grainy type, will provide a sturdiness to my origami that won’t collapse under use yet also will be easy to manipulate when folding.

The small crits between fellow students on my poster designs have received positive feedback with useful comments on areas of improvement which will be taken into consideration before next week’s final crits 🙂

In relation to my promotion work, I have all the materials I need to begin mass printing, so am planning a session over the weekend devoted to creating promo packages that will then be ready to send off to the relevant internships. Here’s hoping!

Post Soon!