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Yes, thats right, I’m ill again. [ the explanation for the lack of updates.]

As updates go, this will be fairly brief, as little progression has been made consequent to the above. My hopes for a mass printing session over the weekend for my promotional work failed to materialize, although I have been planning the content for the new riddles to grace the clue cards. Hopefully by the beginning of next week this will be well under way. Fully aware that time is rapidly running out.

Pleased with how the group crit went on Friday afternoon, especially as I hadn’t had the chance to see anyone else’s work within our group before hand. Experiencing how others had tackled their subject matters helped me to reflect upon my own choice of working methods, as well as realise the areas in which I need to invest further time into. Although sketching thumbnails of my ideas has always been my weakness, I was pleased that they were still able to communicate to outsiders my intents, which were later reinforced by the digital workings. I was uncertain of ย what response I would receive for my origami worked example; bearing in mind that it had been a fairly sudden development. The positive comments helped to not only reassure myself that the risk had been worth investing time into, and that the diversion helped to enhance another level of contextual meaning alongside the visual aesthetics. Really keen to refine my designs and get printing on a larger scale now, especially as I still want to test out the paper I have picked to make sure it compliments the background detail.

Post soon.