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Having mentioned how I was behind with my personal promotion editing, I have since made all of the necessary changes, ready for printing. Things are moving along at last.

To make the concept of the treasure type clue cards work and be fit to send to a range of companies, the direction element to the riddles was no longer viable. Instead, I have chosen to adopt a tongue in cheek; Β yet still relevant and appropriate to the context and myself as a designer, approach, creating riddles that provide extra details about myself, my passions and how I could enhance the particular design studios.

If you fancy a bit of a giggle, have a look at the finished riddles below, but don’t think any less of me πŸ™‚

1st Riddle:

Passionate for her art,

this girl just doesn’t stop,

meeting tight deadlines,

on her way to the top.

To perfection she aspires,

her efforts never tire.

2nd Riddle:

A graphic obsessive,

you might say a geek,

her work is progressive,

she’s really quite unique.

Distinct for her golden hair,

this girl is full of flair.

3rd Riddle:

Always keen to express a visual array,

graphic design is her work, rest and play.

Hungry to learn and develop new skills,

a chance like this she wants to fulfill.

4th Riddle:

Aside from the humor,

from beyond the visual sights,

here’s a designer in the making,

ready for the taking.

If you like what you see,

then give her a go,

and watch your business grow and grow.

Needless to say, your thoughts would be much appreciated ! Be nice please πŸ™‚