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The majority of Friday’s GDP3 session was spent on planning the information design section of the module, resulting in small group crits to summarise ideas.

Having only had a rough outline of the way in which to go about developing my information design, I was really pleased to have achieved a far broader idea of feasible directions to take after having focused for an intensive period. Although in previous projects I have enjoyed this part of design, it is usually the area I struggle with, normally due to the fact that I get carried away on the visuals without concentrating on the purpose.

To link in with my event and previous designs, I am interested in the manipulation of traditional ticker tape, creating a long slim piece of design that seems to continue forever, to help visually portray the extent of the crash and achieved knowledge instantly before my audience have even begun reading it. Not only would the scale of the design be interesting in itself, but the act of reading it, and packaging it could also provide quite dynamic outcomes. I love the idea that was raised in the crit, that my design could act as a piece of installation art; when considering the location context, maybe even having it wrapping around a financial building in London, enhancing the scale, allowing city workers to pass by and have a look and to also provide me with photographic documentation of the process.

Although these ideas do seem daunting bearing in mind the time scale, if I am able to be as pro active as I was during Friday’s session, then its possible. The actual designing of the tape won’t involve too much designing, as I believe in order to create a true parody of the ticker tape and its connotations that I have to stay as true to the original as possible, meaning black type with a white background and little type. To coincide with my typographic poster designs I would like to include the diamond and triangular symbols to promote the financial aspect alongside the turbulence of the economy, as well as help to act as a guide for my audience to follow as they view the design – essential if its going to be very lengthly!

Really keen to get going on it, as the printing and packaging/installing will take up a lot of time.

Will keep you posted!