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Pleased so far with the state of play of my promotional work, although I still want to tweak my Covering Letter and CV, design wise rather than content wise.

From the discussion on the employment routes available after University, either in-house or freelance, the advantages and disadvantages for both of these helped me to assess what would be the best direction for me to consider based upon my own qualities as a designer and as an individual.

Although the working freedom of a freelancer is appealing, I am the sort of person who loves a challenge, and being at the heart of a busy design company working alongside other creative individuals is definitely more me. The idea of being able to progress along the career ladder, fulfilling goals and subsequently gaining promotions would act as a motivator and help fuel my passion for the creative industry even further without the risk of falling into a single minded vacuum, waiting for work to fit my own particular style.

In later years, dependent on the state of play career wise, the idea of having my own design studio, employing others and being within a position to creatively direct commercially as well as on a personal level would be amazing, especially if this was able to coincide with other projects without having the pressure being focused purely upon my financial stability.

Lots to consider, lets hope that completing an internship will help reinforce these thoughts!

Post Soon.