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Really pleased with the feedback I received from the case conference mid way assessment and it was reassuring to find that my tutors were in agreement with my own thoughts. A couple of  really interesting points were raised, which I am definitely going to concentrate on further as the weeks progress.

Firstly, in relation to challenging myself further as a designer, rather than concentrating specifically on module based work, in order to compliment my abilities, and current type of style, I should focus upon exploring more graphically simplistic design work, for instance the aspect of branding and logo designing, to experience a more corporate and articulate method of working. This is clearly a useful area to become good at, and will be tested during the Brand Opus live brief – which I am quite nervous about!

Secondly; and based in reference to the information design module, to compliment my ticker tape design, it would also be good to create an A0/A1 size document, and have the sections of my ticker tape design in chunks going along the page, representing the information in a different way, that would be more accessible to view if it were hung with bull dog clips in an exhibition space. This could also allow me to explore the addition of a spot colour, and enhance a more contemporary perspective upon the issue, that would have been prohibited by the nature of the ticker tape. Lets hope the time scale allows this!

Post Again Soon!