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Having received the live brief for Grove Fresh and the branding and packaging of their organic juice, and seen the presentation deadline date; the 25th November, I suddenly became aware that in order to even attempt to keep up with my workload that I am going to need to establish a time schedual.

First off, these are the things that I need to do ready for the 25th;

  • Research, plan and start writing final theory essay
  • Complete Information design work, printing both ticker tape design and A1 size piece
  • Start and complete evocation design booklet
  • Research and design of Grove Fresh brand

I need to work on getting the information stage finished, as we no longer have enough time to work on this during college time. I’d like to be able to print on Wednesday at college. Alongside that, initial research and idea planning into the Grove Fresh brand will help me make a start, and feed possibilities design wise. I am aware that this information needs to be mounted in some form so as to present in a professional manner to the client.

Quite a bit of Thursday’s college time will need to be devoted to essay researching and planning, as this will take a bit of time to write and reference properly.

Starting to panic now!! Better get to work!