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A happy post today, and hopefully more exciting than the last few have been.

Having finalised the designs for the 2nd part of my information design module, I was eager to print and experience how my ticker tape design worked when placed upon an A1 canvas in comparison to my 5cm x 5.5 meter length design. Aside from printer problems with the spot colour, I am really pleased with the final outcome, and love how both parts interact with one another as well as segments on their own. When more bull dog clips have been purchased I can hang it, but for now, these images will have to do;

Complete A1


In relation to the ticker tape, I am hoping to print when I have a spare moment next week, so that I can attach the sections together before traveling to the location to install and video/photograph/document the process. As a holding device whilst in transit, I have transformed a wooden trinket box, as can be seen below;

Lid of Trinket Box

Side View of Trinket Box

More work coming soon, lots of things going on all at once, as you already know from my previous post, so will keep you updated.

As always, let me know what you think!