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A general update on what has been happening and where I am at the moment. Having finished the Brand Opus Grove Fresh brief, and had time to reflect upon the experience (check my reflection page for this!), a number of aspects about me as a designer and the way I work have been highlighted, with areas that I can improve on being logo and corporate identity. Looking forward to viewing the new Grove Fresh designs in the flesh!

My evocation book is progressing, the total number of pages now standing at 28, which means pagination should work, if following the multiple of four rule. Keen to experiment with sewn binding techniques from the selection of styles chosen that could work alongside the theme and style of my book. Although the nature of hand sewn binding is personal and crafted, I am keen not to present a finalised book that looks tacky or scruffy through lack of talent, it still needs to have a degree of neatness about it!

Concentrating on working out the general order of the pages and how they flow between each other, will post examples of this once I have figured it out, as opinions would be welcomed before printing and binding.

Post Soon!