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Since my last post, I have been making several refinements to my hand made book, exploring alternative methods and materials to ensure that the final result is as evocative and personal as it can be. After another visit to Shepherds/Falkiners (and a few more purchases :)) the final result can be seen in the photographs below. With the right tools, and greater accuracy when measuring, I have managed to produce a neater binding technique, and pages that remain contained within the outer sleeve/cover.

Prompted by a suggestion given in a ‘mini crit’ on my previous book post, the inclusion of an American dollar note printed onto vellum and attached to the front and back sleeve, as helped to exemplify the link between real money and the number money of the stock exchange – so thank you Antonia 🙂

As I have said previously, I would love to make a series of such books to form a mini collection and to allow myself to explore more avenues within the Wall Street subject area – yet am aware that my time needs to now be devoted to live briefs so this will have to be put on hold for now!

Outer Front Cover

Spine of Book

Inside Cover Front



Tumbling Shares




Diamond Centre Fold

Diamond Centre Fold

Diamond Centre Fold

Centre Fold

Diamond Centre Fold

Diamond Centre Fold


Everything Has Been Lost

A Space For Reflection

A Lesson to be Learned

History Repeats Itself

Inside Back Cover

Outer Back Cover

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