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Following the talk with Tristan Green on the employment routes available to us when we graduate I have been able to consider further the areas I wish to pursue. Tristan’s industry experience has given me a greater insight into the successes and pitfalls of freelance design and helped to highlight the routes to take in order to maximize success without incurring rising costs.

As mentioned previously, I have a keen interest in working within a design studio as part of a team, to help provide me with a greater sense of the industry and a taster for a variety of design disciplines yet also offer me the chance to progress along the career ladder as well as providing me with a salary for which could be used to help fuel other personal projects outside of the office. Exploring the possibilities of collaborating with fellow graduates is very appealing, and as a background project could help me to explore further areas of the industry that may be left unchallenged in the 9-5 job position. With the availability of promotion via the internet through websites, blogs and forums, there is greater accessibility between clients and designers, that require very little initial costs, and the immediate ‘need’ for a studio is not always as urgent today.

Being mindful of a changing economy in such situations will ensure that financial costs are realistic and able to be met, and so when establishing a collective studio as a sideline project, accepting a variety of projects, whatever the size will help to ensure that your business is fueled through word of mouth and that you achieve more brands to include in your portfolio rather than merely waiting for big brand opportunities to appear.

Although I currently have my work showcased on this Blog as well as on the Behance Network, before I graduate I also want to have my own website established and a unique domain name purchased in order to help push my own brand name further and project more of an ‘image’ than I am currently able to do on here.