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Yes, gasp all you want, but its true, I am actually getting round to making a new post, *OMG!*

Its been soooo busy recently, but as the YCN deadline grows ever nearer, I am beginning to see light at the end of the very long tunnel I have been in as of late. I am so pleased with the developments over the last couple of months, and regardless of the many challenges that have faced me, I have enjoyed every minute of the brief, and feel proud with the outcomes I have produced.

The impending deadline also means that very soon I will be able to post up all of my work for the brief I have entered, as well as move onto concentrating on the last phase of the university module, the self authored brief. Having chosen a theme based around the subject matter of my impending major essay; art and reproducibility, it should provide the capability for me to be very expressive and explorative, as well as contextual and critical at the same time.

As an initial way of generating some feedback/inviting discussion on this topic, I have posted some examples of ‘art’ that make use of collage and drawing to express meaning in a visually nostalgic and reproducible/recycled way.

What are your thoughts on these images?

Does the use of such nostalgic, high cultural images affect the messages being communicated?

Are these images being used to subvert, if so, what does this say about the images original intentions?

Do you believe reproducibility of art has a positive or negative affect on the art industry?

Your thoughts are very much appreciated 🙂

[ reproduced artworks are by Eduardo Recife, and have been sourced from misprintedtype.co.uk for reference purposes ]

Right Chords by Eduardo Recife

You're Not Alone by Eduardo Recife

You're Not Alone by Eduardo Recife

New Heights by Eduardo Recife

Give to get back by Eduardo Recife