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Feeling ultra happy today, due to a number of reasons;

1) I completed the 1st draft of essay yesterday inc. bibliography – go me

2) My 3 day cold seems to be going away

3) YCN is nearly complete


4) I have discovered a new technique that can be used in my up coming project

Said technique is called Decopatch – with some spelling it Decoupatch – neither of which are to be confused with that of Decoupage.

Decopatch involves the glueing and layering of thin tissue paper like strips of paper onto surfaces, using a special kind of glue that dries clear and glossy to create a waterproof, hard sheen over the object in question.

This technique can be used on a whole range of surfaces and materials, from cardboard, plastic, leather, glass and wood.

I discovered this technique whilst at the Stitch and Craft show at Olympia London over the weekend and was instantly attracted to the layering process, and how this could be utilised in my next project, to link with reproducibility.

I made various purchases, and got to experimenting at home. Decopatch have a wide range of materials and objects to decorate online, with Hobbycraft also selling some paper mache type base models to experiment with.

Here are some photos of  my initial experimentation, seen proudly hanging on my bedroom door 🙂 (and yes I am aware that this is something an 8 year old would do, but none the less I don’t care 🙂 )

I really like the effect it produces, and the messy glueing process was also really fun. In relation to my project, decorating the larger letters with various papers or strips made up of different artists work could be an effective way of illustrating my theme. The word ‘reproducibility’ is however quite a long word…hmm…

Post again soon 🙂