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Really excited to have spent considerable time working on my new self authored brief.

‘Times 2’ is an exhibition with a difference. Held at the quaint Nunnery Gallery in East London, Times 2 showcases a selection of collages that relate to collective theme, reproducibility and its intrinsic links within art history.

With this exhibition, the viewer is more than just a viewer. The audience play a vital role in the mechanics of the exhibition structure; its purpose.

To identify within each collage the elements which have been reproduced from other sources, of previous origins and contexts prior to their current placement within the various collages of the Times 2 exhibition.

Do such discoveries alter the perceptions of the ‘new’ artworks in front of them? Is this a positive or negative alteration? Does this new context enhance the aura of the new artwork or shatter the aura of the originals?

Seeing comes before words?

Below are a couple of tasters from some of the collages that will be on display in the exhibition.

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

Further updates coming soon πŸ™‚