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A mini update to let you all know that my design gallery has been updated with the work completed for the YCN Fedrigoni Brief as well as the illustrations created as part of my latest self authored brief based upon Reproducibility.

So go check it out! WordPress have kindly created an automatic slideshow system that scrolls through the images so you don’t have to, so thank you wordpress!

Having printed a select few of the illustrations mentioned above at A2 size, I have also printed out the layout pages which will form my exhibition booklet at A5 when folded size alongside some A6 postcards that will be placed into the booklet itself. Once these have been trimmed to size, and the booklet staple bound I will also post the finals in my design gallery.

Until then, here are a few images of the print outs. Having had a bit of difficulty sourcing the paper to use for the main body of the booklet in terms of achieving the right tone and weight, I decided upon a Dove Grey 170 gsm pack by ColorBase from Hobbycraft. The super fine quality meant that the grain didn’t affect the print quality and the subtle colouration helped to enhance the colours of the illustrations rather than detract from them, so I am very pleased !

A6 Postcards

Mini Booklet Pages

Main Booklet Pages A5

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, Post again soon!