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A far more detailed outline of what my subject area consists of and what I propose to explore will arrive in due course; similar to the depth in which fellow student Tom Barden recently went into on his blog, but for now, I have created this mini poster as a taster for the general theme.

Wanting to further expand my knowledge of programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, I came across a nifty little tutorial that fitted very nicely in with my chosen theme. The results are therefore inspiration as a result of working through this tutorial which can be found here so I am obviously not taking full credit for this. However hopefully you will get a visual insight into the possibilities available to take.

What is even more amazing is that I actually got to enjoy using illustrator when completing this tutorial – now that’s a first!

My chosen theme centers around ‘Abstraction’ in specific relation to geometry and symmetry, in conjunction with Gestalt theories of perception and illusion, exploring aspects of form, colour and composition in various dimensions. The history of these elements will be examined from a contemporary design perspective alongside past, present and future attitudes.

A more detailed account / intentions will be posted soon.

Geometric Taster Poster


I think I have become a tiny bit addicted to these shapes, here is a pentagon pattern I made after posting the above – somewhat reminds me of the totem that Leonardo Dicaprio used in Inception … 🙂

Pentagon Pattern