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Just came across this amazing video that documents the making of Β ‘Chaos on the Edge of Reason’ a 37 foot long painted mural comprised of hyper-abundance colour and planes of space painted using 75 pantone colours.

The mural was created by artist James Marshall a.k.a ‘Dalek’ and his team and is exhibited throughout August in Los Angles. The mural will be auctioned off in 2 foot square chunks, for $200 with each person being able to decide what section they want, where it will then be cut and mounted, a photograph and interview taken with the piece and its new owner asking why they decided to choose that particular section, all of which will then be recorded in a new book detailing the process.

I think it is an amazing idea, and a perfect example of how effective the collaborative process can be in art and design.

I want to make one!

James Marshall has created some eye boggling paintings and illustrations, all of which reinforce his strong ability to combine multiple patterns, colours and shapes to provide depth and structure within canvases that will make you want to stare at them for hours.

James Marshall Painting

James Marshall Painting

James Marshall Painting

What has inspired you recently?