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Having somewhat neglected posting over the last couple of weeks, choosing instead to go full steam ahead with researching, planning and prepping both theory and practical projects for next year, I now feel that some reflection is needed on where to go next.

On the theory front, I am really pleased with the progress being made, and although editing, further planning, primary research and ‘designing’ still needs to be done, e.g *lots of work*,  I am relieved that the first draft of proposal, thesis and bibliography are completed.


I do feel as though I have somewhat fallen into a trap that I thought I would never let myself fall into, thankfully though so early on in the year when time is still of the essence.

Having focused all of my attention on researching overall themes of style, movements and psychologies that link with my thesis, I seem to have forgotten the actual context. Oh crap.

I’m not worried about having to have every detail figured out at this stage, the process still needs to remain organic and unpretentious, but I do think a session back at the drawing board is in order to reassess what I actually want to gain and work towards realizing aside from focusing on the aesthetics.

Any suggestions would be very much welcomed at this point, please! 😦