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It has been a couple of weeks since the Research Presentation and Module hand in, so thought I would update you with the latest news / events.

The first week consisted primarily of an intensive period working on the Thesis, this including;

– Language Refinements.

– Bibliography / Citation Checks, additions, ordering.

– Image References

As a way to ‘sythesize’ all of the information, arguements made and points raised throughout this study, I have chosen to present the thesis in a book form that utilises the themes documented and aesthetic to contribute towards the overall understanding of the topic.

As a result, and because of the fact that I also want to send a version to Blurb to be professionally printed and bound, time is an issue, and so I set to work on planning, designing and executing the desired layout.

Having already received a few drafts back, and therefore believing that further changes needed would only be minor, I somewhat foolishly thought the editing within this InDesign layout would be straight forward.

How wrong I was.

On a positive note, I am pleased to now have a template ready to hand, and another updated bibliography and image reference list ready to go. So perhaps not as much wasted time as I had initially thought ?

The actual rewriting took a couple of days work, restructuring and added critique will hopefully enhance the depth and improve upon the previous version and estimated grade. The reformatting of this into InDesign is a task yet to be undertaken.

I have also been working on some illustrations for ARUP and the latest issue of A2 Magazine. The change in stylistic direction desired has resulted in me adopting techniques and processes out of my comfort zone that I would not normally concentrate on pursuing. I am so pleased to have been given another opportunity to work with them, and so are therefore extra keen, and nervous, to make sure that the visuals produced will be suitable for the article in question.

On a Major Practical Project note, I have started the ball rolling after the research hand in, and although I am keen to get my books back to readdress new points of direction already mentioned briefly, I now have a focused sense of where I need to be heading.

Saturday therefore consisted of me installing CorelDraw X4 onto an old PC in my family’s study, a PC compatible only program that is the only way for me to quickly and easily segment multiple images into equal sized pieces, as well as then convert these files to EPS illustrator accessible versions. After the grids I had previously intended to use, failed to cooperate, I had to then redraw the templates for which the segmenting would follow. By 6pm all the images so far sourced had been successfully segmented.

Phew. I can honestly say that besides all of the work I have completed over these last two weeks, and besides how drained I feel, I still know I have an incredible long way to go before the light at the end of the tunnel begins to shine through.

Fill me in with how your workload is going and comment below.