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Over the last couple of days I have used the bad weather as an ideal excuse to stay indoors and experiment with collage, decollage and excavation techniques, as ways to initially test the possibilities of these hand generated processes and to hopefully stimulate further ideas and media considerations to use in the near future.

Composed with found materials, papers, vintage imagery and my own printed designs, the collages seen below concentrate on using abstract shapes with a focus on exploring pattern, singular units and collective wholes upon the page, with an underlying awareness of ambiguity and negative space / illusory contours.

The four larger collage panels have been created with a specific piece of poetry in mind, and are the first stages in exploring how this medium can work to visually conjure some of the emotion and imagery conveyed within the written word. The physical structure of each poem eventually explored will also be taken into creative consideration, for example, exploring ways of illustrating the repetition, pace and movement across the canvas that words and notes of music are able to do.

Looking forward to exploring more techniques and process, as well as the idea of grouping segments of collages together to build a complete scene, that establishes some sense of journey or progression.

Comments welcome 🙂