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Having been suffering with a cold and sore throat, as well as an ever so annoying period of insomnia, over the Christmas Holidays, I was in need of a high dose of inspiration to help get me back on track with the art and design world, and begin to feel a little bit more ‘me’.

First off, I received a couple of lovely design books in my Christmas stocking, Print & Pattern and Impressive. As the titles suggest, the former is an immense compilation of surface pattern design and illustration from a huge variety of artists, designers and illustrators, ranging from the photographic assemblages of Ella Doran through to the brightly coloured kitsch of Cath Kidson. The latter is a compilation from Gestalten, the Berlin based publishing house, concentrating on Graphic Design and Illustration that make use of Printmaking and Letterpress techniques – a gold mine for digital work that injects a hand rendered appeal. Something you all know I love.

Since my last post, I have been continuing to experiment with collage and assemblage, and have discovered some new gems to add to my ever-increasing list of ‘collagists’ to admire. Whilst persusing the abstract, architectural wonders of Jacob Whibley, I came across Not Paper, a blog dedicated to showcasing collage artists and illustrators from across the globe, providing not only a selection of each contributors work but also a direct interview with the artist in question. This helps to provide a key insight into the methods of creation, materials used and where they have been sourced as well as opinions on their own work and the work of others.

I have also been enjoying the work of the following;

Phaedra Longhurst, Molokid, Jesse Draxler, Anthony Zinonos, and Vincent Pacheco of Mudchicken – the co creater of WAFA Collective (which stands for, we are fucking awesome).

An example product achieved by the WAFA Collective can be seen below, Go Native is a book that combines poetry and collages, passed between several different artists, all with varying interpretations to offer. Something that definitely acts as inspirational support for my own MP (major project).

With these artists as inspiration, and my new cutting mat, scalpel and archive of vintage source material to hand, I am super keen to get making more collages of my own.

Watch this space . . .