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Following on from my previous post, I wanted to share with you some of the illustrations and visual experiments I have been working on over the last few days. Keen to ensure that I am not becoming ‘too close’ to these visuals, that the concepts and interpretations that lay at the heart of this investigation can still be identified by others, I hope that by sharing my ideas as much as possible during the early – mid stages will help me to remain focused, externally aware and be as visually dynamic as I can. In short, I would appreciate feedback guys !

The various illustrations, experiments and stages seen below have been directly inspired in relation to a number of pieces of poetry, the details of which I shall needn’t bore you all with. However, the extent to which these visuals are already able to reflect the general essence of the themes present within these poems, of which you will not have been familiar with, will naturally inform me with the degree to which they can hold their own as being a visual poetic interpretation, with words no longer required.

The illustrations have been completed through a number of different means from digitally composed through to hand rendered and a combination of the two, and by processes such as deconstruction and excavation, again digitally and hand generated.

As the project progresses I will continue to experiment with text alongside the image dominant illustrations, how the two can interact, counteract and provoke a variety of fluctuating responses. This similar process of investigation will also occur for instrumentally dominant music. The two genres then hopefully offering room for comparison and critique. My, I have a lot of work to do . . .

As I said above, these are initial concepts and visuals that will ultimately change as the project progresses, with some acting as segments for larger series of interconnecting pieces.

Look forward to hearing your own opinions ! 🙂