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With two weeks having now passed since the last update post, I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how many developments have been made during that time. An effective test to measure my productivity and work rate, and a chance for you to see what I am up to.

So, where do I begin.

Whilst continuing to make further developments to my poetry illustrations, I have also begun working on music visuals, having selected my initial 10 songs to experiment with, and narrowed each one down to a specific segment to illustrate. Similar to the poetry examples in which the overall structure of the verses are taken into consideration, the music examples will work on a ratio of 1:1, 1cm to every 1 second of sound, to allow for greater representational accuracy to exist alongside the more ambiguous visual emotions present. The final result of this will be canvases that vary in length dependent on the duration of the chosen segment of sound in question.

I am hoping to convey a greater sense of abstraction within these visuals, and believe that there is a strong requirement to convey a greater combination between collage sections alongside shape, texture and colour, whether this be applied digitally or by hand. To ensure that all of these illustrations work consistently as a series, generic features of some form of timeline and border detail will be included on each to further illustrate the similarities between the length of song and size of the canvas.

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to have completed the majority of these music illustrations, as the next stages of the project will be beaconing my attention, and so will post the results up in another post.

As for the poetry developments, I am pleased to have finalised the majority of the examples initially selected, and am continuing to work on further concepts for new poems discovered recently. For 6 of the illustrations for one poem, ‘Verses for Pictures’ I am preparing screenprinting tests that will be executed this Wednesday, and I am looking forward to exploring the result between collage and this technique, especially the effect of overlapping colours alongside positive and negative space.

Last week I purchased a job lot of National Geographic Magazines on Ebay. Delighted to have won the bid, I then turned my attention to working out how I would be able to collect all 93 magazines from London and bring them safely back without breaking my own back in the process. With a couple of strong arms (courtesy of my boyfriend) and a few not so strong arms, mainly used for navigational purposes only (mine and my mum’s) along with 2 large suitcases, all 93 magazines made it home in one, creaseless piece.

The magazines were in immaculate condition, with some dating back to the early 70’s, and have already proved to be an amazing source of inspiration and material for further collage experiments. The desire to keep on collecting is proving to become quite a habit.

Some of these examples below are from further poetry and music developments, and as ever I would very much welcome any comments you may have.

Looking slightly further ahead, after having our first exhibition meeting of the year, we were able to go ahead and finalise the details and book New Designers for July 2011. I am really pleased with the space that we have managed to negotiate, both in terms of size and location, so I am very much looking forward to continuing to produce lots of work ready for achieving a successful show all round.

This week, Thursday to be precise, myself and 3 fellow design students are having a mini crit, prior to the large collective crit due in a couple of weeks time, as a way to get prepared for presenting our ideas, concepts and developments so far, and to assess what else needs to be done before that time. We will also be filming the presentation as we go, with three different cameras running, so that multiple perspectives can be captured at once. Hopefully by doing so we will be able to portray a greater insight on our blogs to what our intentions are and the types of visuals we have been producing in person. Hopefully if all goes to plan, I will write an update post detailing the feedback received during this crit, and will shortly after post up some of the footage gained.

Thanks for reading and see you soon šŸ™‚