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Final video of my presentation in the mini crit, intro and end credit music, Kiara by Bonobo.

A HUGE thank you to Scott Coleman for helping edit, compile and render the video, πŸ™‚

Comments welcome!

This morning, myself and three other students set up our first mini crit of the year. We decided a couple of weeks ago that setting a firm deadline for this would enable us to not only be as productive as possible during the run up, but also help to ensure that we are able to fluently present our intentions within a group dynamic, in preparation for larger interim crits and future industry scenarios. We also felt that by having a regular run through of what progressions have been made within our individual projects will help to encourage feedback, further development and new avenues of possibility as well as highlight areas needing improvement before final hand in.

To reflect a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in which presentations and idea possibilities can work together, we established a central set up, with seating positioned at various angles focusing the attention towards the visuals at hand and the speaker in question. Using three DSLR’s positioned around the room to capture alternative perspectives (a wide angle looking from above to capture the whole scene, an eye level lens facing the listeners and one focusing on the presenter and of their work, as well as a separate recorder running to document the sound, hopefully the final edited video will be able to reflect a variety of angles for visual interest and communicative value.

Although the whole process of setting up the equipment and actually filming the discussion took up most of the day, I definitely think this effort has been worthwhile, providing us with the opportunity to reflect upon our processes used and direction undertaken to date, whilst gaining unique insights into other creative possibilities, opinions of others and prepare for future decision making. Aside from the fact that all group members had some previous knowledge of each other’s projects and overall intents, new concepts and alternative interpretations were still realised in greater depth than would have normally taken placed during the conventional classroom situation which is of huge benefit.

On a personal level, a genuine level of interest and enquiry surrounding my project and collage/decollage in general alongside 3D experimentation was highlighted, with some key points raised that can be seen below:

– Tom enquired further about de-collage and how this process has so far been of relevance to my project.

– Reiss picked up on this further by enquiring about the screen-printed examples that I created yesterday. Suggested Β following up on the idea of using screen printing for highlighting abstract sections of colour intermingled with the collage details. To encourage further depth and visual interest, he suggested created making the visuals more complex by using de-collage and excavation to delve deeper into the layers. For instance, have various layers printed and suspended within an exhibition environment, with sections cut away to reveal hints of imagery from the background layers, a 3D style decoupage that viewers could interact with, a three dimensional imaginary world that has come to life, as referenced with the view-master slide idea yet in a larger form. In further relation to the music interpretations, Tom suggested having the paper layers to represent the type of sounds experienced, for instance, the subtle background layers could be at the back, only slightly showing through, with the more dominant sounds at the fore front of the visual experience, or even visa versa. Structure will play a vital role within this section of the project.

– To further encourage multiple layers and narratives with a tactile quality, ideas of incorporating embossing and vinyl were also discussed.

– Scott also mentioned the possibility of creating some form of three dimensional book entity in which objects would ‘come to life’ through the turning of the pages to indicate points of focus within the music examples or poetry as sounds and words arrive to the viewer. This could be filmed in motion or enhanced through 3D editing programs.

I will hopefully be able to post a video example of my presentation within this crit in the next couple of days for you to look at, which will hopefully reference these points in greater detail. I am looking forward to putting some of these points into action and feel further encouraged to be as creative as possible.

Special thanks to Scott, Tom and Reiss for providing and setting up all of the equipment, I am looking forward to the next mini crit, lets just hope that we have lots more work completed and ready to show by then !!


A couple of photographs below of the work presented, video extracts to follow soon . . .