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Although I have been wanting to post an update for quite sometime, everything has been happening at such a fast past over the last few weeks that I have had little time to actually complete the tasks required let alone blog about them.

I had a super productive Easter break which I am so relieved about now given the limited time we have left, and knowing full well that it is usually the finishing details and printing matters that end up causing the most problems and time consuming last minute unexpected challenges.

Hopefully this post will provide a brief run down of the last few weeks and detail the work that still needs to be completed before hand in on the 12th May . . .

Book Design has been finalised, with a mock up version printed to scale to ensure the double sided printing worked as anticipated in conjunction with the folded pages and physical flip book structure.

Paper has been sourced, tried and tested and purchased for copies of the Book, accompanying Postcards and A2 size Illustrations, from Atlantis.Β 

A Book Bindery has been sourced and confirmed that will be able to fulfill my binding requirements to within my rapidly decreasing budget. As long as all of the inner content and front covers are printed, cut and folded in time to be delivered to them by the end of this week, I should, fingers crossed, be able to have the bound copies back just in time for the final hand in date.Β 

Promotional material has been designed and sent to Moo for printing.

Mini visual Badges have been designed and made with the help of Steve’s Badge Maker.

Vinyl Logos for the Book Front Covers and Postcards have been designed and printed onto the coloured vinyl sheets with the help of Tom and Becontree Signs.

Online portfolios have been set up on Free Range and Arts Thread, and Exhibitor Badge Forms sent off to New Designers.

A2 Portfolio has been purchased with planning underway on its construction.

Permission letter has been sent to Estates in relation to Exhibition Board Painting for 2 weeks time.

Post Graduate Study has been planned and drafted in brief form, although lots of work is still required on this.

Evaluation of the Major Project is needed before final hand in, along with another copy of the original proposal.

And bunches of left over daffodils from the actual royal wedding now sit in vases throughout my house.

I am so excited about everything to come, very much looking forward to all of the exhibition planning left to do, and although I am incredibly nervous about deadlines and results to come in the future, I couldn’t be more optimistic about the days ahead.