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Just thought I would post some images of a side edition of illustrations that I created somewhat by chance – something that fits in nicely with my collage and de-collage research completed throughout this Major Project.

After making my selection of badges from my chosen illustrations a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that the remaining segments of the paper illustrations used actually retained a unique visual aesthetic, a new compositional form that told a completely different narrative to the original. The ‘random’ circular cut outs that remained from the badge making process allowed for a greater emphasis of contrast between the positive and, now almost equally dominant, negative space, an ideal opportunity to experiment further with physical layering and depth.

By ‘mixing and matching’ various illustrations on top of one another, exciting new combinations were visualised, transforming each original narrative into new worlds in which situations would overlap and collide into the other. This gave birth to a degree of visual balance and unbalance, the final narrative of which would ultimately lay at the hands of the individual imagination, subject to their own decision making and extent of manipulation.

This process has been especially intriguing and enjoyable, witnessing at first hand, the tactile and, somewhat instantaneous, ways of seeing my illustrations transform, evolve and grow from their original state.

I have tried to photograph some of the results with as best camera and natural lighting that I could, but I would ideally like to mount some of these up for my final summer graduation exhibitions or perhaps bind them together in a series as an alternative accompaniment to my original illustrations.