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I am currently on a Graphic Design & Illustration Internship at YCN and over the next month I will be helping out on a range of different projects in the studio at 72 Rivington St. I will be posting up various bits and pieces over the next few weeks to document my involvement and experiences during my time with YCN.

I spent the majority of last Friday designing an illustrative paper design that will be used to wrap bouquets of flowers that will be sold in the YCN shop in conjunction with the Flower Appreciation Society. The final wrapping will be printed using a Riso – a spot colour duplicator that will provide a tactile, low tech finish. Riso printers only have a limited set of spot colours available which has to be taken into consideration within the design if multiple colours are to be used, as the paper has to be re-fed through the printer for each new colour desired. 

I decided to concentrate on one-two colours, separating the layers of the design into two categories. A rich teal would be used for the undertone to reference the foliage of the flowers, whilst fluro pink and orange would be used as the top highlights to project the more delicate floral details. 

Below are a few examples of the design so far, providing an indication of the type of effect the Riso spot colours would produce.

I am really enjoying my time at YCN so far and hopefully I will post up some more work in the next couple of days . . .